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Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pleasant Ridge have a recent crime problem?

No. Pleasant Ridge encounters minor crimes from time to time, but we are a very safe community. The PRNW was set up to help maintain the safety and security in the community.

Does the Pleasant Ridge Neighborhood Watch patrol the streets?

PRNW does not have a citizens patrol. We just ask that you make yourself aware of your surroundings, and contact the police immediately if you see something suspicious or a crime in progress

What emergencies are sent out on the notification system?

Lost children, Dementia patients that may have wondered, power outage information, severe weather issues, crimes in the area, occasionally asking for help regarding recent crimes

If I see a crime in progress should I try to confront or arrest the bad guy?

If you see a crime in progress...call 911 and give the dispatcher as much information as possible (as outlined in Contacting The Police section). If you can, use your phone to take a picture or video of the offender and any cars that may be involved. Do not try to confront or detain the offender. Pleasant Ridge Police have an excellent response time, and will be on scene quickly to diffuse any situations and arrest any criminals.