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1. To report a crime in progress call 911 immediately

2. On this web form you may report suspicious activity, give tips for investigative leads, neighborhood concerns, and any problem THAT DOES NOT NEED AN IMMEDIATE RESPONSE. For an immediate response call Pleasant Ridge Police at 248-541-2900 & for emergencies dial 911

3. We encourage good faith reporting of information regarding a crime or wanted person through this website. However, Pleasant Ridge Police reserves the right to contact you to verify or clarify any information  that you provide. The Police Department shall make a reasonable effort to maintain your anonymity.

4. Pursuant to  Michigan law, it is a crime to make false statements and/or misuse electronic communication. Violators shall be prosecuted.

5. Any attempt to harass, annoy, make false allegations, or interfere with a investigation and or employees of the Pleasant Ridge Police Department may be prosecuted.

6. Pleasant Ridge Police shall not be responsible for the timeliness of the receipt of any information submitted in this forum. The decision to investigate tips submitted is sole discretion of the Pleasant Ridge Police Department. 

7. If you need immediate police assistance do not use this forum. Call Pleasant Ridge Police to speak with an officer.

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