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When to call 911

Crimes in Progress

Someone injured or likely to be seriously injured

Medical Emergency

Property being actively stolen or damaged

Traffic crashes with injuries and/or airbag deployment



When to call Pleasant Ridge Police at 248-582-2004

Suspicious Activity

Animal Complaints

Solicitor Complaints


Burglaries where the suspect has left the scene

Loud parties

Traffic Complaints


What Happens When you call the Police?

When you call Pleasant Ridge Police Department or 911 we will ask you a lot of questions. We do this to get as much information as possible for our officers. We use the information to stop the correct suspects, find out if a crime has occurred, make sure people aren’t hurt, and use the info for the safety of our officers and safety of  the Pleasant Ridge residents. So please be patient with the dispatcher and get him or her as much information as possible

The main questions we are looking to have answered are the  5 W’s

Who—Who is involved in the incident you are calling about

What—What is the problem? / Is it a crime? /  Do  you need immediate assistance?, etc

Where—Where is the incident occurring? Is it in Pleasant Ridge, or do we need to get the information to another police department?

Weapons—Are there are weapons available to the person(s) your calling about? Is he or she armed now? Do you think the person may use a weapon to hurt someone at the scene.?..including responding officers?

Welfare—Is anyone injured? Is someone in fear of being injured?

When describing a person please try to relay as much as possible.

Try to think about these descriptors

Gender,  Race, Height, Build, Weight, Hair color, Eye Color, what color clothing,  what type of shoes, Is the person wearing glasses?, facial hair, scars, tattoos, does the person speak with an accent, anything that would stand out about the person  in question?

For example a perfect description would be “He’s a white male about 25 years old, about 6 feet tall, 180-190 pounds, brown hair, blue eyes, wearing a red shirt, blue jeans, a blue jacket, white tennis shoes, and walked with a limp. He was last seen South on Indiana from Kensington about 30 seconds ago”

When describing a vehicle

Type of vehicle (car, van, suv, etc), Make, Model, color, year, license plate number, any after market parts, stickers, tinted windows, is it abnormally loud?, is it missing parts?, how many people are in the car?, was it driving slow?, was it driving with lights off at night, etc

Just keep in mind we would rather have too much information than not enough OR LATE INFORMATION

In July of 2002 a caller called a Hazel Park Police Department and said he had an argument with a neighbor about a dog. He failed to mention to the dispatcher that the man said he was going to kill  the cop that was going to respond. When the officer responded the irate neighbor shot and killed Officer Jessica Nagle-Wilson. She died at the scene. Please  remember to give as much information to dispatchers as possible.